Unique Sex Tips for Women That Rock His World

Some women don’t want to just be comfortable in bed. Others are looking for something more. These sex tips will help you make your mark and give him the kinda sex he will remember for a lifetime.

Give him a Threesome–Almost

While threesomes may not be a good idea for all men, the fantasy appeals to many. You can make your man a pseudo trio by having sex on the webcam with another person while you watch. This should not be someone you have any ties to.

It’s possible to have a naughty conversation with your partner and then tell each other what to do, while simultaneously watching each other on the camera. The excitement of adding a third person to the mix is still there, but you don’t have to worry about the drama. It’ll be easier for you to let go of all your inhibitions and focus on the fantasy because the person is a stranger. You can also wear masks to increase anonymity.

Public Sex

We don’t encourage any behavior that could lead to you being arrested. However, having sex out in public is a great way to have fun and maybe get caught. Your willingness to indulge in sex while out and about makes your character seem adventurous, which men love. You can park the car in a quiet spot, and then get to work on the hood or commando next time you go out for dinner. Then guide his hand under your skirt and have some finger-lickin’ fun. You can even take it further by giving him a remote-controlled sex toy, such as a pair vibrating panties or wireless stimulator. He can control the device while sitting in a crowd.

He will be your sexy mate.

It is common to fantasize about having sex with another person. Why not let him have a piece of that dream by becoming the woman he cheats with. We don’t like sex tips that encourage cheating and deceit but we do enjoy innocent fun. Lost? You can try a wig, new clothes and makeup. Surprise him in bed with a new look. You don’t have to speak or do the same things as usual. This will make him feel as if he’s in a new place. For the sake of changing, you can try growing things down below if you have Brazilian waxes. Even if it’s only for one night, he will love it!

These are some unique sex tips. You’ll blow him away if you allow him to have a trio, let his inner exhibitist out, and cheat!