How to Meet Girls in a Club

Some people struggle their entire lives to find love. But till the time you find the right person you have to meet and greet as many women as possible. And of course that means meeting and dating women in clubs, libraries, bars, community centers and other social gathering places.

How to Meet Girls in a Club

Or you might not  even want a long term relationship. You might be just searching for woman to have a fun night with! But no matter what you want, it still starts with meeting a woman at a social location, engaging her and then getting her to spend the day or night with you.

Is it that simple? No it isn’t guys! With the rising incidence of STIs, most women have turned gun shy. You might have spent a large amount of time with a particular woman but you didn’t read her body signals right. And now she’s going home and you are going home to an empty bed with no nooky!

So how do I get a sure thing every time? You can’t be sure every time and women can be so contrary. But with these few tips you should be able to get atleast one women to your bed in a week. Besides, practice makes perfect.

  • Station yourself at the door when you enter and come in early. Watch the door. The first pretty woman who walks in and looks a little lost should be the woman you choose. When you come in early you can see women when they enter and you will be able to find women who are still waiting for someone. Talk to them, even if they are waiting for someone else. You never know, you might get lucky.
  • Get a attractive woman as a wing man. Now this may seem like a very dangerous thing to do. I mean who will talk to a man who already has a pretty woman with him. But for some reason, it’s a great conversation opener. All you have to do is say that the woman is your sister and it make you seem sweet escorting your sister about town but it also makes you seem attractive, responsible and a family man.
  • You might be talking to a really attractive woman but don’t focus on one woman at a time. Talk to her, get her number and move on. The aim of this is to get as many numbers as possible before focusing on a single candidate for the night.
  • Avoid large groups of women who seem to be having a fun time together. If you do like a particular woman in the group, do not approach her directly. Go over, introduce yourself and buy them all a drink. Sit and chat a while and take the woman’s number
  • Learn to dance and ask someone to dance. Preferably choose an older woman or a wall flower to dance with. Older women and wallflowers are more than happy to be asked out and they usually open up well. Chat with them and make them laugh. The cute ones will start to wonder and they will be more receptive when you approach them.
  • Bring along your own group of friends. Now this may again seem like a bad sex tip but it does work. Women notice men who are free and having a good time. Avoid approaching groups of women but choose individual women who seem to be alone and invite them to enjoy with you.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a fish on the hook. Plenty more fish in the sea to choose from!