How To Get A Guy Like You: 8 Steps To Make A Guy Want You

How to Make Man Interested In You

If guys were just like toys, women would probably have not had any sort of challenge in trying to get a boy that loves them. In today’s unpredictable world of relationships and dating it seems it is getting extremely hard for many women to get a guy they like. Getting a guy like you is probably not as easy as what some “relationship gurus” might tell or make you believe. There is actually more to it involved than what is said.

How To Get A Guy Like You: 8 Steps To Make A Guy Want You

However, all home of how to make a guy or boy like you isn’t lost completely. I believe there is a way out of it that can be tackled if you have the patience and the understanding needed. A guy you like might after all tell you he doesn’t like you which is understandable and that you are needed to respect but the most important thing of it all should be for you to stay positive and hope that you will soon meet Mr. right.

In this article I will be covering the topic of how to get a guy like you by observing and putting into practice the tips and advice I’m going to mention. Remember that every guy is made in a different way and what you are therefore required to do is to adopt the method of trial and error in trying to get a boy like you.

Yes it could happen that your strategy might backfire and deliver no positive results but at the same time it is worth trying because you might never know if may work or not. in business we are told portfolio return or profits can only be realized if the investor is ready to take risks and the same is true when dating a guy. Take risks by using various methods and ways to woo and make him fall for you and who knows you might be lucky?

Whatever the case and whichever trial and error method you use to make a guy want or like you, your main aim should be getting the man of your dreams. As you continue the search for Mr. Right through the trial and error method you can also have a look at the following helpful tips and advice on how to get or make a guy/boy want or like you for the first time or again and again.

Steps to Make a Man Attracted to You

  1. Improve or work on your looks; like it or not looks matter to men and if you are disorganized in the manner you dress or carry on yourself rest assured you are doing disservice to yourself and that should surely make you to miss out on him. In order to boast your chances of getting a guy like you, you must be an organized and well groomed lady. We are always reminded of the term “first impression counts” and if you score zero or poorly in it, your chances of the man noticing and wanting a relationship with you are almost nil. So before you market yourself to a guy be marketable yourself. Nobody wants to purchase a crap and ineffective product from the market and the same is true in dating.
  2. Let him know of your availability; are you booked or you are still available for relationship? That is the question many guys want an answer to and only you are in position to provide an answer to that query. You might be out and trying to impress and getting noticed by a guy you want to like you but how far are you sure he knows of whether you are engaged or are into another relationship with someone else? You might be surprised if you wish but it is a big possibility that the guy you are eying doesn’t for surely know of your availability. In order not to lose out on this mistake make sure that the guy is aware of your availability and readiness for relationship and after that is probably when he can be interested in you.
  3. Get his attention, does he know of your existence? May be not and you could be busy eying him. The guy must know of your existence and what you are before his attention can shift towards you. Take a bold step and introduce yourself to him and after that is probably when he can start a conversation that can lead to a relationship with you.
  4. Show a sense of kindness and smile at him, who needs a rude or serious girl that tends to ignore others? In order for him to like you it is important that you show your kindness personality. Putting a big and friendly smile on your face whenever you meet him may also increase your chances of him falling for you. Be open minded and outgoing and say hi to him if necessary and it is almost guaranteed he will fall in love with you now and not the next minute.
  5. Ask him to teach you something he has interest in; is there something that he loves and interests him always? If that is the case take advantage of it and use it as an avenue to get yourself close to him. if for example he is a web developer or a computer programmer you might consider asking him if he will mind teaching you how to create a basic webpage. Use that time to fall in love with you. The strategy you use is up to you but I’m sure you aren’t short of them and if all goes well he might get interested in you.
  6. Give him time to think over it, nobody can make a decision suddenly. One needs to think over the situation before he/she can take a position in it. The same is true when you are dating a guy. Don’t expect him to fall for you instantly. Have patience and don’t panic at the possibility of losing him to another girl. Let him think over it whether he is interested in starting a relationship with you or not and with time he will answer you.
  7. Tell him about yourself in an unbiased way, a guy you intend to start a relationship with you must surely know more about you, what you are and what you stand for. Let him know as much unbiased information and facts about you as possible and that is when he can answer you on whether he could be interested in you or not.
  8. Phone calls may do it for you, what if you call him few times a week to know about how he is doing? That is great and may do justice to your case of wanting him. if he sees you calling to enquire about his plans and how he is doing, he may think that you are caring and have soft heart for him and this may push him to start a relationship with you.