Dating Tips for Guys – Do Well on the First and Every Date

If you wish to be successful at dating women, you need to know that it’s not just being rich that does the trick. There’s more to a successful dating trip than just good looks or money. Women are impressed by a lot of other more important things. You need to have some style, charisma and a sense of humor. So, if you don’t want to spend the weekends and evenings in loneliness in your apartment, you could take a look at some of these strategies and tactics for winning more women and dates.

Dating Tips for Guys – Do Well on the First and Every Date

Dating Tips for Guys

  • Your behaviour is very important when you are out on a date with a woman. Even a very ordinary looking guy can be a big hit with women if he has the best manners, which make him very attractive to the opposite sex. It’s not what you say to a woman but how you say the words. You need to use the proper tone and the body language must be just right to make you a hit with the girls. Try not to look nervous or you will not get anywhere with your date.
  • Be bold enough to approach a girl or woman if you are truly interested. This is not the time to be shy. Everyone is interested in only their life and no one is going to judge or watch you. Even if you are approaching someone new, try to make your body language look like she is someone well known to you. People around you will probably think she already knows you.
  • The most important dating tip for any guy is to overcome the fear of rejection. Don’t mind too much even if a strange woman rebuffs or rejects your overtures. Consider that she has rejected your approach or move and not you. Maybe, if you had adopted a different attitude, she would have reacted differently. Never lose your cool or your confidence because of a rejection.
  • Put on your best self and it need not be your true self. Try to behave like someone you greatly admire and start working towards that image to make it into you.
  • There is no surefire way to success with women. It all requires a bit of practice, so keep trying different tactics and see which one works for you. All you need is a little bit of experience and don’t be afraid that you will fail.
  • Try to meet her for the first time over coffee or something light. Don’t go directly for a movie or a dinner. You could do that after a few such meetings.
  • Remember, no amount of dating advice will matter if you don’t apply it in real life situations

So that’s it! If you follow these tips, your date is sure to go splendidly well and you might even get lucky right after the first date. The key is to always be charming and to put your best foot forward. Expect the best for yourself and the best will come to you. Do not be surprised if you do well and do not try to sabotage yourself.

This is probably one of the most important life lessons and also why I decided to write this article on dating tips for guys. When I first started my business, I just could not push myself beyond a certain point without being overcome with fear. It wasn’t self-doubt as much as the thought that I did not deserve good things. This comes from being self-apologetic. Most of us live in the shadows of people who always get the best from life – celebrities, wealthy people, athletes etc. and being separate from these highly successful people gives the rest of us normal types a sense of kinship.

As soon as we start becoming successful ourselves, we begin to feel like we are moving away from the general group of average Joes and immediately start sabotaging ourselves to avoid the loneliness of success. Don’t let that happen to you. Follow these dating tips and be successful at love and romance. Take my advice and know when you are standing in the way of your own happiness. You deserve love and happiness so go ahead and grab it.