5 Ways to Improve Sex in Your Golden Years

Just because you’ve gotten older doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy your life, and that includes your sex life. More and more seniors are enjoying a full and active sex life, perhaps due to being more active into their senior years, to the idea of seniors having a sex life being more accepted, or due to the easy access of those “little blue pills.”

If you’ve been finding that your sex life is struggling a bit now that you’ve reached your golden years or are not enjoying it as you once did, it helps to make some adjustments to your habits between the sheets so you can get that spark back once again.

Consider 5 important tips for enjoying your sex life once again.

1. Find positions that work for you.

Often bad joints or a few extra pounds can make certain positions difficult. Find what works for both of you rather than assuming that sex itself is now impossible because your favorite position has become challenging.

2. Make love earlier in the day.

Your blood circulation is typically better in the morning, which is necessary for healthy sexual activity. You might enjoy a shower and then some breakfast and then head back to bed rather than waiting for evening.

3. Be more active overall.

The healthier you are, the better your sex life. You’ll increase blood circulation and keep your joints free from arthritis and pain when you exercise regularly. You’ll also have more energy and may feel better about yourself, two factors that also have a positive impact on your sex life!

4. Turn down the lights.

One reason some people who aren’t exactly “spring chickens” any longer don’t enjoy sex is because they’re very conscious of every wrinkle and sag. It’s said that you can’t enjoy a party if you hate the clothes you’re wearing, and it’s difficult to enjoy sex if you don’t feel good about your body. Working hard to keep yourself in shape is a good course to follow, but keeping the lights low and using candles can help you to feel less self-conscious and improve the mood.

5. Mix it up.

If your sex life has gotten boring, it’s time to mix things up to keep you both from becoming complacent about your sex life. Don’t be ashamed to try some sex toys or to watch some erotica together. It’s also good to get away for a weekend just like you did when you were younger so you’re not distracted and can introduce some romance back to your life.

Take responsibility for your sex life as you get older and don’t give up on enjoying yourself with your partner just because you’ve aged a few years. Your sex life can still be very fulfilling and satisfying to you both, if you’re determined to make it so!