How to Talk to Hot Women: You are not alone!

So you want to talk to hot women but don’t really know how? You are not alone!

Actually many men have problems when trying to talk to a woman, especially a hot woman.They simply don’t know how to talk to her. And it’s always the same situation: they finally muster up the courage to approach and talk to her, even ask for her number, but always come back with a rejection. After this, they think her rejected means there is something wrong with them and stop approaching hot women once and for all.

It hurts especially when getting rejected by a very attractive woman. Why? Because, then you get the feeling that she is out of your league and so are all hot women. So, why try at all approaching them when you know you will get rejected? The answer is simple, you aren’t (I am assuming here, that you have at least some social skills and take care of your looks).

How to Talk to Hot Women: You are not alone!

There are two assumptions guys make when it comes to hot women:

1) She is just too beautiful therefore she must be special

2) She is simply too attractive for me

Sure, hot women are special, but so is everybody else! Most guys put attractive women on a pedestal praising and worshipping them forgetting at the same time, that these women are people too. Men always treat a hot girl differently to get her approval by complimenting her whenever possible, giving her everything she asks for or just acting like she is some authority figure. But this is no way to get her affection.

What many guys also do is to think that hot women judge them by their looks. Sure, if you look like Quasimodo you would have a little harder time finding a girl but for most women, looks don’t matter. What matters the most is your personality!

When you want to talk to hot women, you absolutely have to treat them like every other person. Do not compliment her and parrot every time how pretty she is (she already knows that!). Just talk to her normally and use humor to break the ice. Making a woman laugh is half the battle. She can’t think anything bad about a person, who can make her laugh all the time.

Also, teasing works extremely well on hot women. They aren’t used to being teased because every other man always tries to compliment her. But when you tease her in a playful manner, she will see you as different from the rest. And don’t worry about offending her, her reaction to your teasing will be laughter (of course, don’t be mean to her!).

Although humor is a big part of attraction, when it comes to interacting with women, there is one trait that women find absolutely irresistible and this is confidence. A confident man has never problems with women. When you are confident, you show her you are a strong, masculine and dominant man. Women can feel when a man is confident and it is a big turn-on for them. So, be confident when talking to a beautiful woman – she will feel it, like it and eventually like you.

How to talk to hot women? Simple, be funny, be confident and treat her like a normal person.

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