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The wedding rings are on the fingers, the blessing speeches are done, and the cake is served – What after that? Yes, it’s time to party! The dance party has to begin starting with the first dance of the bride and groom. At most of the receptions the DJ starts it core by playing romantic wedding music for the bride and groom and some all time favorite melody songs for the father-daughter and mother-son dances. And then, the rocking dance party begins.

So you might be thinking what kind of dance songs you should choose for your wedding celebration? If you have planned your wedding and chosen your DJ, here are a few awesome suggestions that will help you choose irresistible dance songs that will leave all of your guests landing on the dance floor.

Every wedding celebration one goes to, one always remembers the moments he/she enjoyed there. And the most important part of the entertainment is music. If the music is good and includes a variety of music for all generations, the guests will for sure enjoy the party.

The wedding crowd will always have people with different tastes and modes. So it’s better to pick a variety of songs to accommodate different tastes.

The selection of wedding songs should avoid music with lyrics that may not be appreciated by guests that are conservative in nature.  Broken heart songs, break up songs and ex relationship songs should be avoided in the wedding party. Fun songs are welcomed by most of the guests. After all it’s a wedding party and it has to be filled with fun, excitement and entertainment at its best. Make a list of fun songs but make sure you leave most of the selections to your trained disc jockey. He will know how to “read the crowd.” at the celebration.

Newer music and cheesy party songs can be played when the guests loosen up a bit. After all it’s also enjoying to see people having fun on the dance floor after they have had a few. Don’t worry if few of your songs are on the cheesy side. It’s a wedding party and fun has to be a part of it!

Always include music that the older crowd can also enjoy. Play some old timer songs and see your aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa rocking on the dance floor too.

Ask your DJ to entertain your guests to the fullest by playing a killer line up of  songs and not to leave anyone out from having a great time.

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