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Guys on every continent know what it is like to get stuffed into the friend zone with a woman that they want to be more than just a buddy with, and it can be one of the most frustrating experiences to have to go through. If you want women to see you as more than just a friend, then you have to know how to spark her interest in you. When most guys flirt with a woman, this is what they think they are doing, but the reality is, they are still acting more like a friend. At least in a woman’s eyes they are.

Here are some flirting tips for men that will help to get her interested in you and make her want to be MORE than just friends:

1. When you flirt with a woman, you want to be direct as much as you can.

Even though women do like subtle things, there are times when you need to be direct so that she knows for sure you are not just trying to be a really good friend. See, a lot of guys will kind of tip toe around this so that they don’t face the possibility of getting rejected, but when you are too indirect, you will end up just being tossed into the friend category. Maybe a friend that flirts with her, but women have lots of those.

2. Just flirting with her is not going to get you anywhere.

What most guys consider to be flirting with a woman, is giving her compliments, maybe smiling a lot, and doing nice things for her. You know what that sounds an awful lot like? Friendship. See, when you flirt with a woman, you need to be able to go beyond just those things and do things that are going to generate sexual tension. Tease her, touch her and then pull away. These are the kinds of things that will take it to a NEW level, beyond friendship.

3. Flirt with other women around her once in a while.

This will go against the grain of all of the traditional flirting advice and all of the nice guy techniques to make a woman like you, but let me tell you, it works like a charm. Let’s say you are out with a woman and you happen to have a cute waitress who is serving you. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit flirty with the waitress. For one, it causes the woman you like to feel a little jealous, and also, it shows that you are not going to be just a puppy dog with stars in your eyes. Now, the trick is to only do this a little bit, because too much can work against you.