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Recent surveys carried out in Australia and America have uncovered that the girl next door image is more appealing than the stereo type tall slim and beautiful model look according to male singles who took part in such surveys. This article contains several quotes by male singles who took part in surveys we researched. When the time comes to look for romance and long term dating prospects, sweet and simple plain Jane got the guys vote for sex appeal. “The girl next door image portrays mystery and fantasy all wrapped up in one package”  These surveys were conducted via online dating services and chat rooms.


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It appears that when everything is said and done, male singles are more secure with a lady who is natural and comfortable within her own body. Pretentious and unapproachable females were seen as insecure and often had a chip on their shoulder. Male singles who participated saw pretentious females as negative and usually had an axe to grind against the entire world. “Sure its an ego trip to chat up or start dating gorgeous females but I wouldn’t rely on anything longer term to eventuate” Short skirts and skimpy outfits were an indication of a good time girl or a girl to have some fun with for a short or medium term. This image was not viewed on as marriage qualities “Every girl has their own sexiness, why do some females try and pull off the same image as everybody else” ?

Other determinind factors men looked for in a good wife or even long term partners can be determined by a quality education standard and somebody who is  financially secure. Increasingly males, traditionally the same as women, see a financially viable women as an attractive item. “With such an expensive and financially driven world, couples struggle unless there are two incomes nowadays” Interestingly, guys opted for women in professions including nursing and school teaching instead of authority type professions including lawyers and Doctors. Male singles seem to be avoiding female singles who lack ambition and vision.

Males also compared the difference when searching for a potential wife online and offline. Chat rooms or online dating services are quickly becoming a chatting and dating hotspot with singles looking for long term romances. An online dating service is thought of as somewhere more likely to find a serious dating partner instead of at a pub or night club. “Using online dating and chat rooms its simple to determine genuine females by their profiles, with the night clubs the atmosphere is clouded by noise and alcohol”

So if its genuine love the females are looking for,its obvious by comments made and what the general research indicated, that guys just want the ladies to be themselves and to let their own personality shine through.

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