How can I make a good romantic Sex relationship with a girl?

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How can I make a good romantic Sex relationship with a girl?

I met this girl and I got very attracted to her. At that time she had recently broken up from a relationship, and she wasn’t interested in starting a new one. I told her that I had feelings for her over the internet. Then a little bit down the road, we stopped talking, and stopped seeing each other. She is getting over her ex boyfriend and need some time to cope with her emotions for him. So now, my feelings are a lot stronger for her, and she is a good friend. I’m not sure how to tell if she’s into me in that way or not. Said she liked me, and that maybe she’d want a relationship in the future.

I’m just so terrible at understanding women, that there might have already been signals that she likes me more than friends, I just haven’t realized it. We always hug when it’s time to leave. When we’re in the car just parked somewhere, I catch her staring at me. My friends seem to think that she likes me, but this is the most confused in my entire life. If I bring up the way I feel about her, and she says she just wants to be friends, or she doesn’t want a relationship, I’m afraid that I’ll probably still remain friends with her. Now I don’t have a clue is she into me.

Relationships can’t be pushed

I think that things have turned out just perfect for you. Since your last contact she had some time to get over her boyfriend! Forget about not calling her back then. It sounds like as is she is willing to move on. The reason that you didn’t call her back there might have been that subconsciously you were aware that she just came out of a relationship and you were heedful of not pushing your case to early to soon.

I think she realizes that and probably respects you more for it. I do not think that you not calling her show a lack of interest on your part. She was probably still getting over her feelings for her ex to really take note. Quoting from your above explanation of the situation: but she said she liked me too, and that maybe she’d want a relationship in the future. Automatically indicates to me that you are in it with a very good chance.

Do you simply follow the emotions at the moment?

Had she not thought of going out with you she would have said. I like you but I think that we should just remain as friends. In this regards in the back of her mind she has already categorized you as potential boyfriend material.

I know that you want to tell her real badly how much you like her and probably feel like exploding if you don’t but be cautious about doing this as you don’t want to frighten her off this early. One bad move and you could blow it because it could be too overwhelming for her.

how you percieve a relationship

Whenever you see her be especially attentive to what she is saying and try to read her body language as you utilize your charms on her. Maybe you can arrange a meeting at lunchtime, Notice how she responds to your jokes, stories, and your compliments to her. Take it up a step each day and build up to asking her. Be also mindful whether she is not in the mood and / or is looking /not looking as yet. If she is looking than you may have to step up the tempo. If she is not then play it cool and wait for your opportunity.

I would not worry too much about missing any signals. She is still with you is she not?! I’m pretty sure that if she wants you then she would stick around long enough for you to realize it. I’m pretty sure she knows how much you like her. I’m thinking that she is testing out the waters with you at present. From the sounds of things your girl has got it pretty good being around you. You probably drive her around when you do things together and you let her have her way with the snacks.

Why would someone sabotage a healthy romantic relationship?

Do you know what she wants to do with her life? Are you happy with this arrangement? What nice things has she done for you and /or shown that she cares about you? I think that you are going to have to bite the bullet on this one and just tell her how you feel during one of your outings. It doesn’t have to be put as I like you do you want to be my girlfriend, you could go for a walk somewhere and say, I think that we are good together what do you think?

If she says yes then you have your answer if she says no then it’s not the end of the world. On the positive side it’s better to know now rather than later as you could be spending all this time and feelings on a friend instead of saving it for the right girl! You will feel much better once you ask. Just be brave and go for it.