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Dating has been observed lately as more relaxed and informal. As a part of the male species, this is a sign that dating has opened its doors for you. Now, dating would be less difficult to do. To make thing easier for you, here are the 10 Dating tips for guys. Read on. Sex.Meet – Real Adult Hookups Only.

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Tip #1: Try to look your best.

Remember that a date, especially the first date, is the time for fist impressions, which they say, will last forever. Try to achieve a cool, confident look by knowing what to wear. The casual look is the first choice of many, but it really depends on the clothes that you are comfortable wearing. Be it a t-shirt, polo or jacket, what matters most is the fact that it is ironed and not wrinkly, has zero dirt stains and looks perfectly good on you. Now that you have an idea on what to wear, let’s go to the scent.

Sex.Meet – Real Adult Hookups Only – Best Android Apps on Google Play

According to dating experts, a guy’s smell will either increase your points or turn-off a girl. Be it a cologne or perfume; make sure to spray on the right amount and at the right places! Spray a moderate amount on the sides of your necks, wrist and chest. Brush your teeth, style your hair (or get a descent haircut), bring a handkerchief (especially when you’re eating out), cut your nails and check your face in the mirror. Now, you’re ready to go!

Tip#2: Be on time.

Patience may be a virtue, but being late is rude and a sign of being uninterested. Have a list of “things to do” to be aware of time. If the girl is late, try telling her to make up for it by buying you a drink, bit in a teasing and gentle voice.

Tip#3: Find the best place.

You and your date should agree where to go beforehand. As an alpha male take control and have a plan where to meet. Suggest a coffee shop, the fair or even a local eatery that is cheap but serves good food. If it seems that the two of you have different ideas, try to compromise. Let her decide and the next date will be yours. Just remember to find a place where the two of will be comfortable while having fun at the same time.