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Sex Dating London & UK, Singles Naughty Nights, Online Dating.

Tip#4: Mind your manners.

All the things that your mom taught you about etiquettes are helpful during a date. Show her that you are a gentleman by opening the door car, pulling a chair for her to sit down. Use your utensils properly and eat with grace. Believe me; all of these will matter to her.

Speed Sex Dating London & UK, Singles Naughty Nights, Online Dating

Tip#5: Make sure you can spit good game.

Nobody likes a boring date, so make an effort to communicate with her. Remember that you are not here to impress her, but to get to know each other. Ask her questions and let her ask you the same things. Say the right thing at the right place. If it’s your first date, then try avoiding topics like your ex, her ex, politics and other embarrassing questions.

Tip#6: Be spontaneous.

The best dating tip for guys that I can give is to be spontaneous. Don’t be too conscious and keep thinking about what will happen next. Stop asking yourself if she’s having fun.

Be laid back and most of all be relaxed. Everything will fall into places, as long as the two of you are having fun.

Sex Dating London & UK, Singles Naughty Nights, Online Dating

Tip#7: The payment method.

Usually, the men pay the bill. But there are always instances where girls prefer to shoulder the expense. On a first date never take her to the fine restaurant and spend gobs of cash. A cup of coffee and a cheap lunch is the way to go. When the bill comes just say, “Don’t worry I got it’s no big deal”. You only take your girlfriend to a nice restaurant and even then only take her once and awhile.

Tip#8: Make the Best of your date.

Every date should be memorable, so try to make the best out of it. How to do it depends on you and your girl. Make her feel special, as it will guarantee a follow-up date.

Tip#9: The Kissing game.

Now, here’s the most asked dating tip for guys, should I kiss my date? The answer still lays on you, my friend. You must look for some signals she may be transmitting such as; she’s looking at you with an intense gaze, she licks her lips while looking at you, she laughs as everything you say, or she does the hair toss. These are all signs she is interested and a kiss is right around the corner.

Tip#10: The Phone Call.

There are some rules that say you should wait two days. There is nothing wrong in calling her the following day but don’t make a big deal out of it. As a confident man you move through life at your pace. As far as what to talk about simply pick up from the last conversation you had with her the day before so it’s still fresh in her mind.