The 4 Easiest Ways To Make Your Sex Life Better

You can change some things so easily that if you stop to look at the problem you will see it. One problem with staying with the same partner for so many years is that you can forget how it feels to be with someone else. You might dream about it, but you don’t have any real feedback. You can trust that the person in your fantasies will do whatever you ask them to and you won’t have to worry about their pleasure. If you are looking to have an affair, you need to look at the way you have sex.

You might have been a god in bed with your spouse when you were having sex. But that all changes when you add another person to the mix. While it might seem obvious, sensitive areas will not be the same for each person. Habits can become so ingrained in our minds that we don’t think twice about them.

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Your affair partner is not your spouse.

This will again seem obvious. Perhaps your spouse loves the way you use your mouth but your partner isn’t. You will use your mouth more often because of your sexually ingrained habits. It is important to remember that you are starting from scratch. This is your chance learn about the needs of a new person. We have spoken before about how it is wrong to treat your fuck friends the same way you treat your spouse. This is especially true if they are being compared to your spouse.


There are many awkward things that can happen during sex, and while most of us can laugh about them, others might be so anxious about making a good first impression that they won’t talk about them. Let’s say that your partner is experiencing cramps and they aren’t telling you. It’s likely that this will at least make the experience less enjoyable for them. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of what they are doing and how they respond. Is their reaction different? Perhaps they have a cramp, or they are just bored. Try changing your position to see how it works or trying something new with your hands.

Do not be afraid to speak out.

When it comes to affairs partners, we mentioned the need to please. Many people want to ensure that you have a great time with your partner. If they don’t think they’re having a good time, they may not be able to tell you. This can be dangerous and can lead to a slippery slope. Make sure you speak up if something isn’t going as well as it was before. It might seem like you are ruining the moment or causing chaos, but the more you enjoy the experience, the more your partner will be happy.

Don’t make the lights too bright.

You can have sex at a beach in bright sunlight. But if you are having sex indoors, you need to ensure that the light is soft. This will make you both feel more at ease and keep you in the right mood.