Looking for Sex Tonight? Try This

There’s an app that allows you to meet up in a coffee shop and have a fun night of passion. It’s called the “app for people who want the eggplant Emoji but not the wedding rings.” You’ll have the time of your life if you all get on the same page. Hud is the app that does all this for you.

  1. What’s Hud?
  2. Broadcast what you are passionate about in your bedroom
  3. Earn a SAFE badge
  4. Premium benefits
  5. It sounds great, but what’s the catch?
  6. TL;DR

What’s Hud?

The acronym Hud is short for “hook-up dating”. It lets other people know that you aren’t looking for wedding bells. Instead, you want casual sex. There are two gender options when you sign up. However, you can choose up to two identities to help you better define yourself. This is especially useful in conjunction with the couples feature which allows you to use this app to find three-way (or even four-way) affection.

Instead of endless swiping on Tinder, scroll through other users to see your options and make a decision. But be cautious, unlimited matches are not free. Fill out your profile fully to ensure you are on the same page as your suitors. You can choose topics such as politics and fine dining. Even though you will be just casually hooking up with each other, chances are that you will spend some time together before you plan a date.

Broadcast what you are passionate about in your bedroom

The interests section isn’t the only way you can weed out incompatible individuals. Hud is more than the typical questions that you’ll see on a dating app. This app is for casual sex.

You can also use the “My Bedroom” section to tell them which of 24 popular kinks are yours. The kinks include hair pulling, dirty talk, and whipping, peeping, and water sports. This way, you can be sure that you are compatible if the cutie on the screen likes submission and water sports. You don’t have to waste each other’s time or be disappointed if you find the right match.

Earn a SAFE badge

These sexy perks can be great but sex hookups need to be safe and fun. Hud is here to help. The app is a success because Hud partnered with SAFE. SAFE is a private and forward-thinking website that helps you keep current on your STD/STI results. You can also display a SAFE Badge on your page to let people know you were recently tested.

Hud makes it easy to get low-cost preventative screening . This will save you a lot of anxiety. It can be embarrassing to talk about safe practices, but it is essential. Talking about safe practices can feel embarrassing, but it’s essential.

Premium benefits

Did you know that there is a limit to how many people can access your premium membership for free? This is where premium membership comes in. Premium memberships offer unlimited matches and the following:

  • Check out who has viewed you
  • Premium filters allow you to cut the fat and find a babe who shares your interests (in and outside of the sack).
  • Keep those handy little “read receipts” handy to prevent you wondering if your phone is being used for ghosting or if it’s just a prank.
  • Unlimited rewinds available and the ability to undo any dislikes
  • Five priority chats per day for free – just click to the top of another person’s chat bar so your message doesn’t get lost

These perks are wonderful, but they don’t come cheap. There are three options for premium plans.

  • $19.99 for 1 Month (plus 7-Day Trial)
  • Three months for $49.99, that’s $16.66 per Month
  • 12 Months for $119.99 – That’s 64% off the monthly cost and only $10 per month

The more expensive options offer a better overall deal, but they come with a higher upfront cost. You should also be aware of auto renewal dates to avoid being surprised by an unexpected bill.

It sounds great, but what’s the catch?

A great app will always have an asterisk at its end.

This app is great, but the only option to choose between one or two genders is a problem, especially since it’s aimed at younger generations who more often identify as transgender or cisgender. This app also only allows you to choose one gender to attract to. Switching is simple, but it can be time-consuming for people who love to have fun with other people.

This app is not as popular as you might think. The majority of people who use it are from Australia and Asia. North America still has some work to do.


Hud is an amazing app that allows you to find safe sex. It’s still relatively new in the USA, but it’s a popular app in Australia and Asia. They will undoubtedly work through their issues with sexuality and gender if they want to make an impact on the U.S. dating scene. You may find the perfect connection with Hud.