Here’s Why Everyone’s Using Linkedin to Find Date

You know the feeling of being on a first date with someone and having a great time until they reveal something about themselves that changes everything. This is going to be less common because LinkedIn users are now using LinkedIn to search for dates.

This means that people are looking for partners in real life, online sex dating apps, or just using LinkedIn to search for them. It sounds crazy but it is true. LinkedIn is just another way to find out a bit about someone and then see if they are right for you.

You will need to approach it differently as it’s not a dating site but a place for professional connections. Asking someone out on the first occasion you have ever had any correspondence with them may not be the best way. You should check if the person is online elsewhere (Twitter or Facebook). You can then approach them through that app or site.

If you stop to think about it, LinkedIn has more than a few solid reasons to help you find or vet a date. Here are seven reasons you should use LinkedIn for dating.

  1. (Relatively) Honest Profiles
  2. Simple Vetting
  3. Great dating pool
  4. There are no fake accounts
  5. You can use them as a reference/connection if it fails.
  6. They are serious and capable of commitment.
  7. They could be your secret to success

(Relatively) Honest Profiles

You don’t know what’s true or false about someone’s dating profile. They’re trying to find a date and will often embellish their profiles to do so. However, things are slightly different for their professional life. While people might lie on LinkedIn about their job, it’s less common than on casual dating apps and sites.

After you have completed a series interview, the company that interviewed you for the job will verify your statements. Someone you have scheduled a date with this week may not need to go through any background checks. You can be caught lying by a company and lose your job.

You can generally trust what you see on someone’s LinkedIn. They are there to get hired, and to showcase their best qualities. If you feel that someone sounds too good to be true then trust your gut and keep looking.

Simple Vetting

Do you know someone on LinkedIn that you would love to hang out with? You can verify that they are not a robot or a catfish by looking through their profile. If they have few connections, move on. It’s difficult to conduct background checks on someone you meet through an adult dating site. LinkedIn gives you a complete overview of the person’s education and career, which can tell a lot about them. However, it is possible to not find such details on a dating profile.

You can also check out their endorsements – what are other people’s opinions about them and their abilities?

Great dating pool

Think about it. LinkedIn users are focused on advancing their careers and getting ahead. Those accounts can be distinguished from the ones you should be paying attention to. LinkedIn is filled with ambitious professionals who have the same goals as you. They want to succeed in whatever they do. If that doesn’t sound like a good casual sex pool then I don’t know what.

There will be many accounts that you don’t like, as with every dating site. LinkedIn isn’t a dating site. However, there are tons of great accounts that have potential suitors.

The chances of you meeting someone you like are higher if you do more business. As strange as it may sound, LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to find the right partner.

There are no fake accounts

Although dating sites are full of fake accounts and bots, it makes no sense to have a fake LinkedIn profile. Literally, I cannot think of any reason anyone would create a fake LinkedIn profile.

You can use them as a reference/connection if it fails.

If you’ve had a bad experience with someone, you’re effectively out of their life for good.

LinkedIn may be the same. You meet someone you like and go on a date. There is no chemistry. There is no harm in this. Why not make connections with each other and be references for the future?

We are (semi-) reasonable people, don’t we? Two people who are not meant to be together shouldn’t stop them from being respectful of one another and helping each other if necessary.

They are serious and capable of commitment.

This is LinkedIn, not Club Penguin. People are on LinkedIn because it’s serious about their careers and advancing themselves. They are also capable of commitment (that’s for the ladies out there); can you see this one guy? He’s been in three different great jobs, each lasting more than five years. It sounds like this man knows how to commit.

You can get a sense of a person’s work history by looking at their past. This will give you a clue about who they are as a partner. You don’t know how long they have been in a meaningful relationship.

This is crucial information!

They could be your secret to success

Let’s suppose you find someone on LinkedIn that you like and manage to arrange a meeting without being too creepy. This person is a professional with knowledge that you can use to improve your career. Whether you end up together, or not, they can share their business experience and everything they have learned.

Even if you are not compatible on a personal basis, you might be great together in professional settings where you can pool your resources and create something that will advance your career. It’s really a win-win situation to use LinkedIn for dating. If you like each other, great! But if not, maybe you can do business together.

Although it won’t be easy for you to find a date through LinkedIn, it is not impossible to find one anywhere. LinkedIn gives you a great chance of success. This is why LinkedIn is so popular.