Best sex dating apps for adults? Try these 5 free ones

We love dating apps and especially apps that allow us to have sex. However, sometimes hidden fees can ruin our enjoyment of the app. There are many great apps that give it away completely free. These are five best dating apps that will help you get laid tonight.

  1. Feeld
  2. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Hud
  4. Wild
  5. 3fun


Let me start with my personal favorite, Feeld. For years, this has been my favorite place to get some lovin’. Feeld emphasizes not judging what you do. It caters to all desires between two (or more) consenting adults. This app is a mecca that welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, kinks or desires. It has a Tinder-like layout which makes it easy to have a great time. Originally named Thrinder. Feeld was originally intended for threesomes. But, it has since expanded to allow you to connect to the thrills that you love. Although the app has a Majestic (read paid) plan, it doesn’t mean you have to use it in order to have a great time.

What’s the catch?

This app’s only problem is the tendency to crash, which can be frustrating. They are constantly updating and improving the app with new patches. This sexy app is more popular in larger metropolitan areas, so it may be difficult to find honey in smaller towns.

Adult Friend Finder

You can now access the classic online website in a completely new way right from your smartphone. Adult Friend Finder’s website is available for all ages. It was originally created as an online dating site in the 1990s. Although the app version of Adult Friend Finder is vanilla, they promise to get you laid as soon as possible.

What’s the catch?

It’s made only for straight people. If you register as a man, you cannot look for women, and vice versa. Sites like this tend to have a high number of men and low numbers of women.


The Q&A section of Hud unlocks your desires and gives you an advantage over other apps. Your “bedroom” feature asks you questions about your most intimate kinks. You can answer “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” to give your potential partners a glimpse into their bedroom habits. Hud allows you to choose the type of fun you want, such as karaoke or fine dining. This will ensure that your date is comfortable before the smooching starts.

Hud’s trans* inclusion is another great feature. It has fifteen gender identity markers. This makes it an ideal place to be yourself if you’re looking for a partner. Their SAFE badge lets users see who has been tested recently. This is my favorite feature. This easy tool will keep you safe and prepared to unleash your sexiest side.

What’s the catch?

Although Hud has great gender parameters, you can only search for men, woman, and couples. I don’t know if trans* or nonbinary people would be found in searches. Perhaps this will be fixed as the app becomes more popular so that we all have an easier time securing action.


This one-on-one site, which has the same layout and design as Hud is all about finding you a single lady to hook up with tonight. Wild offers a variety of ways to list your intentions so that no one is left behind. You can choose whether you are looking for friends, looking to hookup or long-term. You can narrow down your interests to make sure you are compatible before you go on a date.

Wild offers a photo verification system to ensure that you are not being scammed by catfishers. You don’t have to wait for a match before you can start messaging the special person who seems to be above the rest.

What’s the catch?

This app looks promising but it is difficult to find matches. But for good sex we are all willing to drive.

Also, messaging before matching can be a benefit for some people but it’s generally a problem for women. Why? It’s because it means uninvited dick photos – which nobody wants.


The name 3fun doesn’t lie. It is all about hooking up with a Grade A Threesome. Sign up now and get started swiping for all your hookup and threesome dreams. 3fun isn’t going to make you choose a person right away. You have the option to swipe to save your profile or to delete it. This site is all about group sex.

What’s the catch?

The gender balance on Threesome is unmatched, just like many other threesome sites. It seems that there are a lot of single men and couples, but not many people. Expect to be liked and popular if you are a woman. Single men and couples will have to work harder when trying to woo the right girl.

While some sites offer more guarantees than others, they all provide the opportunity to fulfill your needs (for free). Whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term ride, or something more casual, these sites can provide an unforgettable experience.