March 11, 2022

Best 15+ Craigslist Personals Alternatives and Replacements for Sex Hookup

Best Hookup Sites for casual encounters, Best Backpage Alternative Websites

Craigslist Personals has been replaced by new sites

Craigslist Personals may be dead but there are still other online places you can get your thrills. You can find hookups, sex, and strippers online.

Personals ads are also so out of date!

Perhaps it is time to look for modern dating sites that offer personal ads, matching, and dating. We’ll be discussing 16 Craigslist Personals Alternatives These are the most Craigslist-like features, and have a vibrant community of users just as you. Let’s go!


Craigslist: What happened?

The story may be familiar to you. Craigslist had originally offered personal ads, but it was so overwhelmed with prostitutes that they removed all listings. Craigslist tried to bring some of that action back with “Missed Connections”, and “Activity Partner,” but most Craigslist users will confirm that the site is dead. Sad. Today, you will only find spambots, strange horny people and occasional humans on the site. This is hardly welcoming, especially considering the vibrant community that you will find on these dating websites and hookup apps.

15+ Best Online Dating Sites – List Of Sites That Have Replaced Craigslist Personals.

Top 16 Alternatives for Craigslist Personals

Who takes the top spot? Our research determined Adult Friend Finder The best choice was because it combined all the best. Online dating and hookup sites had professional ads sections, personals and chat. There was also a section for sex workers such as webcam girls and social media. These 16 Craigslist personals alternatives sites are still included in this guide.

1. Adult Friend Finder: The best casual dating site for adults
2. Ashley Madison – Great for women looking for men
3. Happn – Great for women looking for men
4. Adult Search – Find strippers
5. DoubleList – The Horniest Platform
6. – Underrated dating app
7. Bedpage – A great hookup site
8. Seeking – Sugar daddies & sugar babies
9. – Personals Site for Missed Connections
10. Personals Oodle is a dating website aggregator
11. Switter – The best site to combat online sex trafficking
12. Locanto – Varied Personals Section
13. BoldPersonals: Threesomes, groups, and many people
14. BeNaughty – Meet like-minded kinksters
15. Grindr – Find gay sex now
16. OutPersonals – Gay craigslist alternative website

1. Adult Friend Finder is the Best Alternative to Craigslist Personals

Adult FriendFinder has been an alternative to Craigslist and many people have preferred CL to AFF for years because of its low cost. Adult Friend Finder, which has a community of over 106,000,000 members, has managed to keep its membership intact for more than 20 years. It offers chat, dating, webcam fun and fetish forums. There is also a social network and blog. Craigslist is still a great place to find people, but it’s not a ghost town. Adult Friend Finder offers a vibrant community that allows you to post personal ads, search, and has a social component unlike other sites. 


* Chat, camgirls, local matches, fetish searching, chat
* A free preview
* Great for swingers & orgies
* Singles and couples are welcome


* Premium memberships with high premium rates

2. Ashley Madison – Best Personals Site for Men Seeking Women

Ashley Madison is our runner up because it has 60 million members and the ability to access the site anywhere in the world. Craigslist is well-known for its many “married but not looking” users. Ashley Madison was born because of this. Although we don’t condone cheating on Craigslist, AM was designed to allow it. You have the option to choose privacy or discretion. Photos can be blurred or masked For protection. Due to its additional community features and its protections for users, it’s actually a better Craigslist experience that the real Craigslist. There are


*Discreet marital fun
* Blur your photos or mask them
* View profiles free of charge


* The site has more men than women

3. Happn – Best Missed Connections Ersatz

Happn delivers Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” feature is available In a unique way that is exclusive to the app experience. You can check Happn app if you happen to meet a charming person and you don’t have the opportunity to talk to them. Happn members can send each other messages and chat about the past. It’s cute. It has


* Craigslist’s “Missed Connections”
* Cross-border locations can be used to find things in common
* To chat, both users must like one another


* App-only

4. AdultSearch – Classifieds Like Craigslist Personals

AdultSearch is a great alternative to Craigslist. You can search in your local area or in large cities around the globe. Although it allows adult ads, the company is more lax than Craigslist. It specifically states that it does no allow spam. There are


* Search worldwide & locally
* Stopping spamming


* With limited moderation, CL is just as seedy as CL.

5. DoubleList – The Horniest People for Men Looking for Women

DoubleList requires you to sign up right away after you visit the site. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy all the Craigslist action, including sex hookup ads and easy posting. You can also search for local users online using the “connect now” option. The site also offers chat, which is a big plus. There are


* Simple to use, browsing, and posting
* Accepts multiple genders and preferences
* For couples and groups


* You will need a telephone number
* Many spammers

6. is the Best Mobile Craigslist Personals Alternative, the best Craigslist experience for mobile phones and tablets, is It’s similar to Tinder, but it has its own algorithm. Pros: You can filter your matches and search locally.

* Algorithm matching
* Verified profiles: 80%
* 3 million members


* Tinder knockoffs are more popular than Craigslist replacements

7. Bedpage

Bedpage is similar to Craigslist, but also the abandoned website Backpage. There are sections for adult jobs, dom/fetish, TS And Strip clubs It’s Craigslist’s more sexy cousin. It does have platonic and business sections that are not adult-related. This may make it appear a little more innocent if you search for it. “Oh, I was just doing some business stuff.”

* Many sex, BDSM and adult jobs, as well as strip clubs.
* Find cities around the globe
* Sign in to Google (maybe not the best idea).


* There is no auto-matching

8. Seeking – Looking for the best alternative to Craigslist personals for sugar daddies?

Seeking is a service that’s primarily designed for Sugar Mamas and Sugar Daddies who are looking to offer companionship in exchange for nice things. While “companionship” can lead to other things, everyone is unique. Seeking is different from other sugar dating sites. Gay or straight men and women You can even fetish match like threesomes or the like. You can go on a date with a beautiful sugar baby if you have the money. 


* Sugar matching, male and female
* 4-1 male to female ratio
* Meet sexy sugar babies and bid on dates


* Provides assistance to extremely wealthy customers

9. ClassifiedAds – The Best Personals-Style Missed Connections Website is a Craigslist-like site that also features local ads for businesses and communities. Personal ads are also available for casual dating or LGBT dating. We love inclusivity! Craigslist even offers Missed Connections. This is a feature that Craigslist has become a mainstay. It refers to any moments you shared with someone else but never got to continue the conversation. Maybe a second chance? There are


* Missed Connections section similar to Craigslist
* Searches automatically by location
* Features for the community


* The site is cluttered with ads

10. Personals Oodle- Craigslist Personals and Dating Website Aggregator

PersonalsOodle feels like Craigslist 2.0 with its mix of photos, clickable ads and a preview the profile text on page one. It actually links users to other sites where these profiles originate from, as well as a signup screen. Ah. PersonalsOodle basically acts as a compiler of profiles from the internet. Although it’s not as easy as it sounds, it does have potential. There are


* Photos on the frontpage
* Filter your niche or local search keywords
* Sort by date, place, or best match


* Many ads available

11. Switter

Switter has something for everyone. There are sex-friendly postings for models, camgirls and other sex workers. It takes good care of its users and has a tight-knit community for sex-positive users. It’s basically a community of sex-positive users. Twitter for sex workers . Perhaps “Switter”, a combination of “Sex and “Twitter”, is the name of this new word? The mystery continues. There are


* Sex-positive
* Members: S376,000
* *Powered by Mastodon’s larger network


* Registration required for preview

12. Locanto – Best Selection of Personals Section

Locanto lets you view U.S. classified ads but only in major cities. You can post personal ads for long-term relationships, gay relationships, casual encounters and transgender relationships. If you are looking for something specific or niche, the keyword search tool can be very useful. Just make sure you live in a major US metro area. There are


* Personal ads, community ads, and services
* Follow users based upon postings
* Enter keyword or place search


* There are no photos on the frontpage

13. Bold Personals – The Best Alternative to Craigslist for Group Sex

BoldPersonals is bold with its variety of personal ads. This includes casual dating, Dom/sub dating and LGBTQ dating. There are many options. BoldPersonals is different from other Craigslist imitators. They get rid of all the community aspects and move straight to the sex. There are also rants and raves, as well as missed connections. There are


* Threesomes, Kink searches, & BDSM
* Front page photos/headlines
* Comment on profiles


* There are some empty niche pages because there have been no postings

14. BeNaughty – The Best Website to Date Like-Minded Kinksters

BeNaughty is all for flirty singles. We want to help you have the perfect dating experience. It’s okay to get super erotic with your ads here. That’s the point. The site has chat rooms, searches, senior dating, LGBT dating, ethnicity search and personal ads. There are


* Search by body type & sexual preference
* The website and mobile app are easy to use
* A section for advice and dating blogs


* Spammy
* A limited preview is available

15. Grindr – The Best Gay Sex Dating App

Grindr is the most popular gay casual sex app. It also offers options for transgender and bisexual people who are looking for a date. Grindr is the most popular app for gay casual sex. #1 gay hookup app It’s a good reason! Grindr Unlimited has a no-limits swiping plan. You can search for dates by comparing the closest people to you, send photos and chat with others, or filter your search based on where you are located. 


* LGBTQ Matching
* Search for guys near you
* A free version is available


* Premium account required for location searching

16. OutPersonals is the Best Gay Craigslist Personal Alternative

OutPersonals is a gay-focused website that focuses on the United States. It’s one the most popular new dating sites, with over 300,000 members. The site is similar to Craigslist which has always had a strong gay community. It offers free registration, photo uploads, email and an option for registering. It also offers additional perks such as video profiles and online conversation. There are


* Over 300,000 users & member blogs
* Chat, video profiles and email
* Search for individuals, couples, or groups


* Relatively small communities

Craigslist Personals Alternatives: Why are we so important?

Craigslist personals: What happened? What is more, how did people like Craigslist? And where is the “new Craigslist”, with all the sex- and dating you want? Let’s discuss our post-Craigslist dilemma.

Five Things We Loved about Craigslist Personals (When It Was Still Available)

But the bigger question is how Craigslist works and where can we find it now. Craigslist was very popular for these reasons:

1. It was completely free
2. It employed the same “personal ads” approach as before.
3. It was usually local, in the same city or town.
4. It was mostly anonymous
5. It was easy!

Good news: Many sites offer the same features but have a new look.

What has replaced Craigslist for hooking up?

Many sites attempt to replicate Craigslist’s minimalist layout. However, we are more interested in the community component. Adult FriendFinder and Ashley Madison were the most active, sexiest, and anonymously communicated with, according to our research.

Why are dating apps better than personals sites?

Craigslist made the biggest mistake by not having a filter. Community members could flag posts they don’t like. No rules are allowed spambots, prostitutes And Creeps To take over the site and chase down quality singles who might be interested in posting. This is not cool. Modern dating sites do not allow spammy profiles. They want to keep everyone honest. Profiles that are poorly written, incorrectly drafted, or reflect badly on the site will be removed.

Craigslist Personals Alternative FAQs

Are you still unsure about dating sites? All your questions will be answered.

Why is every dating app requiring my phone number?

Not all websites require a telephone number. Many dating apps and sites for hookups will only require your credit card if you are paying for a premium service. Craigslist requires you to have a phone number in order to post an ad. This is true even though you may be shouting out for ghost towns.

How can I avoid being scammed by dating websites?

Nobody is claiming that Ashley Madison or AFF have no fake profiles. These are two of the most popular dating sites worldwide. There will always be fake profiles. Blocking them, ignoring spam comments and reporting suspicious profiles directly to the staff at dating apps can help you avoid these fakes. Be cautious and use common sense. Reverse image search You can also look up people on social media.

What can I do to ensure my safety when using unfiltered websites

Don’t share your personal information. Keep to your username and be careful. Keep your family and friends updated as you build trust with new friends. When you go out for the first-time, meet in public. Tell someone where you are going . It is perfectly acceptable to conduct a criminal or sex offender search of anyone you are considering dating, especially if there are loved ones you want to protect.

The “New Craigslist Personals”, – Adult Friend Finder

Adult FriendFinder was the best choice for newcomers, with the highest following and most unique features. This is a great place to go if you are into hookups and sex parties. AFF is a great option. Craigslist may be dead, but you have many other options. From the imitations to the best dating apps and sites that offer even more features, there are many alternatives to Craigslist. You can create your own personal ad to see what responses you receive.