Top Five Flirting Techniques to Catch Any Guys Attention

Flirting is a major part of . How can you date if you can’t flirt? Even if you meet on a free dating site and hit it off online, that doesn’t mean that you will get along in person. When you see someone face to face, you can feel their energy and vibe. Some vines will tell you to move in and get closer while others will tell you to grab your stuff and run. But if you are getting that feeling where you are really interested, you can use top 5 flirting techniques which will guarantee you to catch any guy’s attention when you perform them correctly:

Top Five Flirting Techniques to Catch Any Guys Attention
Wear something that you feel sexy in.  There is a difference between looking and dressing sexy.  You can dress up sexy but feel absolutely horrible and this style might not be for you.  You may come off looking like a prostitute more than yourself and that’s just not sexy at all.  When you dress sexy on your terms you will feel more confident and ready to flirt.  You will feel comfortable and ready to take on the world.  Show a little cleavage, wear something a little tight, show off whatever your greatest asset is and be comfortable while doing it. This tip helps you to enjoy a great sexual relationship with your partner.

Your Eyes will do it all.  Flirting isn’t necessarily about what you say.  When you use eye contact you can draw a man right to you.  You need to know what your eyes say so that you can send him a message from across the room.  You can practice in the mirror and see what works for you.  Not everyone can pull off the infamous sexy blink and you don’t want to look like you have a form of turrets syndrome. Use our online sex apps to fast dating today.

Guys Love a Beautiful Smile.  Guys love it when women smile because they know that they are going to be with someone gorgeous and fun.  If you are pouty, you can look sexy but it’s not as appealing as a smile.  A man can be drawn to you by your positive energy which all comes from flashing those pearly whites.

Don’t Be Shy.  You don’t have to reveal your life but you shouldn’t stay quiet the whole night either.  If you do that, then you will never have a chance to smile.  Open up and talk to him about light topics.  You already attracted him from across the room now you have to do something to keep him interested. If you want to meet then first start online sex chat with your girl partner.

Use Body Language. Guys love it when you slightly tough their hand or shoulder throughout the conversation.  You can move a little bit closer, move your hair or do anything else that is physical and shows him that you are interested.  A lick of the lips can be extremely sexy while rubbing his shoulder can show him your softer side.

Once you master these top five flirting techniques, you will be on your way to catching every guy’s attention.

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