Tips for Enjoy Great Sexual Relationship with Your Partner

Do you feel as though something’s missing in your sex life? As though you want to do more, be more in bed, but are just not encouraged by your partner?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, chances are you might need to rethink your present situation. After all, a rich sex life ensures happiness in other facets of a man’s life.

Here then, are some signs that your sex life is suffering, and what you might want to do to resolve such issues.

Tips for Enjoy Great Sexual Relationship with Your Partner

You never feel satisfied
You get laid, which is great, but you rarely feel satisfied. It’s as though you’re simply going through the motions rather than enjoying the sensation of being beside and inside your woman.

Sometimes you ejaculate but you simply don’t orgasm (it’s quite possible, as they’re two separate things). Before you have sex, you envision all kinds of awesome sex, but the reality of the act leaves you wanting so much more.

What’s the problem?

  • Your girl just lies there because she thinks that’s all that’s required of her.
  • You need more than just to penetrate a woman.
  • There are other circumstances outside of sex that is stressing you out, thus making sex difficult to enjoy.
  • You’re not happy in your relationship. What should you do?
    Address the topic by suggesting that your woman show you what she’s got in her sexual arsenal. As well, have sex in different locations or give new positions a shot. Rent some erotic movies for ideas, or discuss your fantasies with your girl.If you’re not happy in other facets of your life (financial, family, work, etc.), figure out why and what you can do about it.

    You think sex is only something you get as a reward
    If you take out the garbage, pay for dinner, open the door for her, and tell her how beautiful she is, you’ll get some. But if you miss a step, guess what? No piece for you. That’s crap. What’s the problem?

  • Your girl uses sex as a bargaining chip.
  • You’ve been conditioned to think that girls for sex are a privilege, not a right.
  • You have to “behave” to get laid. What should you do?
    The next time you “behave” just right and she lies in the bed, naked, so you can penetrate at will, pass on the offer.The next time you “misbehave” and she says “no string attached sex tonight,” tell her, “you know, I’d rather masturbate anyway.”Seriously though, you have to make it clear that sex isn’t a bargaining chip that she gets to dangle in your face. If you discuss the topic as mature adults and she continues to deprive you of sex, I recommend that you reevaluate your situation in the relationship. Sex isn’t about power; it’s about giving and receiving the ultimate pleasure.
  • She never initiates, and the worst of all — you’d rather do it yourself.

She never initiates sex

Every time you want to have the sexual relationship, you can. Problem is, you have to do all the work and get her revved up; never the other way around.

What’s the problem?

  • You don’t feel desired.
  • Your girl thinks that lying there means she’s participating.
  • A girl may think that girls who initiate sex are whores.
  • Your girl may think that you think that girls who initiate sex are whores. What should you do?
    Ask your girl if she feels desired every time you initiate sex. When she nods, tell her that in order for you to feel desired as well, you need her to initiate sex every now and then. And she’s always welcome to get on her knees. It’s okay for one night stand tonight.If she says she’s shy, then offer to initiate, but tell her that you’d like her to get more involved in the act. Break her out of her shell. When she’s on top, tell her how awesome it feels and how hot she is. Remember; women need compliments… especially when they’re naked.

    You prefer to masturbate
    Rather than make the effort to get laid, you’d much prefer to whip it out and take care of business yourself instead. It’s quicker and easier that way. What’s the problem?

  • You’re falling out of touch with women sexually.
  • If you masturbate aggressively (by squeezing the penis), chances are the sensation of a vagina doesn’t cut it for you.
  • You have to spend the first 60 minutes of the evening trying to bring her to orgasm.
  • There may be underlying issues in your relationship that you’d rather not address. What should you do?
    If the problem involves her, then confront it. If you have to spend 60 minutes getting her to orgasm before you’re even allowed to penetrate her, then chances are sex is more laborious than it is fun. Invest in a vibrator, or ask her to discuss her fantasies with you. Orgasm starts in the brain and if you can liberate her wild side mentally, her body will follow suit.As well, it’s okay if she doesn’t have an orgasm every single time you have sex. It’s not simply your responsibility to get her off; she has a responsibility to herself as well.Open up to new sexual fantasy. Who knows, maybe she needs a spanking, or maybe watching you masturbate will get her off. You’ll only find out if you try new things.

    I’ve said it a million times, so one more time won’t hurt: Just as you need trust and love to maintain a relationship, you also need to have good, or better yet, great sex. So if you’re not currently having great, awesome, “wow, I need eight hours of sleep after that” sex, it’s time you did something about it. Until next time… see that chandelier? Incorporate it into your sex life.

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