Having Sex In The Morning

Wouldn’t it be great to roll over in the morning, reach over and feel your sexy woman’s body? Her hardened nipples, her soft skin, and that smooth rump roast of hers. Meanwhile, you can barely open your eyes, but you know that your one-eyed monster is wide-awake.

Today’s tip with womendateonline.com is dedicated to what all guys wish they could delve into every morning until the day they die — morning sex that would make their days a little bit brighter. So is it true that most men prefer sex in the morning?

Having Sex In The Morning

Well, yes, we do. In general, men have their peak in the waking hours (yup, those early-morning erections), while women are liable to peak at night. But don’t fret. Because we’re not slaves to our hormones (at least most of us aren’t — okay, shouldn’t be), men and women can both peak at the same time and get excited just the same. Otherwise, no one would ever be having sex according to that “men-morning women-night” theory.

a deep morning breath

Some people would argue that getting up to brush your teeth (both of you) would more or less defeat the purpose of waking up and rolling over into her, while others argue that morning breath is repulsive and would never kiss or go near their partner with bad breath.
I have a great woman who wakes up before me, goes to the washroom, makes her mouth all minty, and performs oral sex on me to awaken me in the morning. By the time I open my eyes, she’s riding me like a soldier and has used her minty breath to make mine at least tolerable. But hey, that’s just my great woman and me.

You don’t necessarily have to start French kissing the second you penetrate her; you can kiss her back, her neck or hold out from kissing her at all. Now, if you’re a chronic smoker and spent the previous evening downing a bottle of Jack Daniels, then chances are that she won’t be too keen on smelling your stenchy, moldy breath and feeling your sandpaper tongue.

Having Sex In The Morning

the good morning pump

All women say that they can’t stand it when their boyfriends or husbands wake up and begin pumping them from behind as though they’re attempting to find the vaginal opening via their backs. Don’t broach morning sex with urgency; rather start off lazily.
Now, if you’re going to engage in the morning muffin, both of you have to be into it, otherwise, it’ll never work out. When you touch her, you’ll know by her reaction whether or not you should continue your sexual pursuit.

Rub her body softly, but not so softly that it tickles. Then gradually come to her breasts and cup them gently yet firmly. Meanwhile, bring your body closer to hers. Assuming that you’re both sleeping in your birthday suits, just the heat of your body can generate excitement in hers. As well, flexing your hard member so that it brushes against her butt or hips can also help urge her to guide you inside of her.

Now, no woman wants to wake up and see a penis waving in her face as you look on, eagerly nodding, waiting for her to suck on it like it’s her morning coffee. Remember, subtlety is key when it comes to morning love.

going in for the feel

Slowly feel your way deep inside her; hold up one of her thighs and place it over yours. As she begins to awaken more and get pleasure from the sexual gratification that you’re providing, you can begin to thrust more deeply and at a more fluid pace. But always keep it relaxed and enjoyable.
Now because it’s morning time, don’t think that she’s going to want to have marathon sex, local hookup and break out the handcuffs and hot candle wax. Take this opportunity to feel her body, and when you approach her from behind (the spoon position — best for those who abhor morning breath), go inside slowly and enjoy her tightness — feel her vagina embracing your penis and appreciate the sensation.

Hold her waist, rubbing her breasts, spread her legs apart even more, or at this instant, you can change positions. By this point, bad breath has no bearing and all you’ll want to do is hear her reach her peak and then make your own journey down to Orgasm Boulevard (make a right on Safe casual Sex Avenue, however).

You can even let her know that you were dreaming about her and became so excited when you felt her body. She will feel so sexy and desired that she’ll probably reach orgasm through what you’re saying alone.

the best thing to do

The likelihood that you’ll both awaken with your hands all over each other is quite high. In fact, I bet that you’ll end up waking up in the middle of the night to pump your little chump as well. And since you don’t work on Saturday (hopefully), you can basically do your little dance all night long if you’d like (or rather, if she’d like).
On a Friday night, when you and your woman come home from a hard day’s work, enjoy dinner and talk about your day. Then, both of you should take showers (together, apart — whatever floats your boat), lie in bed naked and talk about one night stand sex, but don’t have it.

spontaneous combustion

Keep your woman happy by appreciating her body and believe you me, what better way is there than by making her feel sexy with a little sexual body appreciation?
As I’ve always told you guys, the best way to keep your woman interested is by continuously surprising her with new and innovative things — in and out of the bedroom. That obviously means that you shouldn’t try to penetrate her every morning, but rather every now and then; it’ll be like a sweet treat for the both of you.

Whatever the case, use tomorrow morning to stand at attention and always remember to cover up the “boy with the hood.”

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